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Integrated system ISO 9001:2008 – ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 45001:2018

Certificated activities:

  • Planning and supply of services in support of submarine cable-laying operations
  • Implementation of feasibility and environmental impact studies
  • Management of maritime services and marine, environmental, geognostic and archaeological surveys
  • Supply of shipping agency and charter services, and management of ships and smaller vessels
  • Marine environmental remediation

Attestation of qualification for implementation of public works:

Cat. OG7 (CLASS II): Maritime operations and dredging works

This concerns construction, maintenance or restructure; meticulous operations in all conditions – in freshwater or saltwater – on facilities serving as terminuses for transport by water, including all the complementary or accessory structures and all the electromechanical, electric, electronic and telephone apparatus needed to supply users with reliable service in terms of use, functioning, information, safety and assistance. This applies, for example, to ports, quays, wharfs, piers, platforms, jetties, coastal defence systems, cliffs, submarine conduits and outfalls, as well as dredging operations offshore or in delimited basins, and protection against freshwater or saltwater erosion.

OS 25 (Classifica IV): Archaeological Excavations

OS 20-A (Classifica I): Topographic surveys

OS 20-B (Classifica III-BIS): Geognostic surveys

This concerns implementation of geognostic surveys and subsoil exploration with special apparatus, also for environmental purposes, including soil and rock sampling and implementation of tests in situ.

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