Client: Gargano National Park Authority – Tremiti Islands Marine Protected Area

The aim of the work was ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and restoration to working order of the signs indicating the perimeter of the Marine Protected Area of the Tremiti Islands, both on land and at sea. The operation entailed the following activities:

  • Installation of 8 luminous signs (5 buoys, 3 luminous topmarks ashore) delimiting, together with the signs already in place, the various areas of the marine reserve;
  • maintenance works, ordinary (quarterly) and extraordinary (annual), on the signs both on land and at sea for a period of three years.

The Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands occupies the inshore area surrounding the islands of S. Domino, S. Nicola, Caprara and Pianosa for the entire extent of the seawaters as far as the 70-metre isobath.