Client: Prysmian Power Link

The operation consisted in moving cable reels from the Norimberga Quay in the Port of Messina to the area of the Favazzina (RC) dockyard and preparation of the landing area.

The 18 reels were of two types:

  • 12 reels dim. 4600x3730x4600 weighing just under 28T
  • 6 reels dim. 4300x3450x4300 weighing just under 20T

To begin with, survey was made at the sites of Messina and Favazzina to verify the conditions in which we would be working, acquiring all the evidence serving for a preliminary plan of operations and appropriate choice of the means and equipment to employ. The preliminary survey was carried out on the morphological conditions of the Favazzina site, examining the seabed and shore, taking into account the load constituted by the reels and the equipment that would be required. Subsequently topo-bathymetric and geognostic surveys were carried out with continuous boring, in the form of drilling and core boring, on the shore.

The reels were then loaded, in the Port l of Messina, onto semi-submergible Barge 68, which was towed to the Favazzina site by a Supply Vessel .
On landing the reels were unloaded from the barge to the shore by means of a crane truck positioned directly on the craft; the crane was a Liebherr LR 1750. Sheets of steel were preventively laid on the ground subsequent to the due levelling.
The reels were then positioned in the dockyard by means of a second crane truck, the Liebherr LTM 1250 model. The operations were performed with the assistance of a topographer who, preliminarily and during performance of the operations, traced out the areas for the reels to be positioned.

To be able to perform operations, it was necessary first to:

  • Level out the foreshore with mechanical means so as to be able to lay the sheets of steel flat;
  • Winch up any outcropping rocks and level the seabed for the slipway to land the barge
  • Prepare the areas ashore
  • Position buoys to mark the channel for safe landing of the motorbarge